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Zimre Primary like other schools in Zimbabwe has adopted the new curriculum. this is being done in phases in the primary schools,we have started ECDA, grade 1 and grade 3. the good thing about the new curriculum is that:- It seeks to produce a well rounded leaner capable of contributing meaningful to the development of the country at the same time the individual will be living a happy life.

In the old curriculum we had subjects like Mathematics, English, Shona, Social Studies. In the new curriculum we no longer have subjects rather  we have learning areas, these are:-Agriculture, Life, Physical Education, ICT, Expressive Arts, Mathematics and Science, Family Heritage Studies.The learning areas in the new curriculum address the needs of individuals and of the society e.g Zimbabwe economy is Agro based and by giving children agricultural skills we are equipping them with life, ICT skills.


Soccer, Netball, Volleyball, Basketball, Handball, Table Tennis, Chess, Darts, Junior Soccer, Junior Netball, junior Volleyball, Athletics, National Heritage Quiz, Traditional Dance, Computer Quiz, Choral Music, Karate, Ballet, Percussion Band and Scripture Union

  • Mathematics

  • English

  • Shona

  • General Paper

  • Computer